SQL Dump Splitter – a most amazing tool

So, a buddy of mine has a Magento site and I’d been hosting it for him (on my own server) for a number of years. Since Magento is incredibly slow, no matter where it’s hosted, my friend decided he’d try to optimize the thing by putting it on GoDaddy. The whole transfer process proved to be an incredible debacle – and one which I may detail in another post – but the first problem we faced was that his database was a bit over two-hundred megabyte. GoDaddy has an upload limit on Phpmyadmin of fifty megabyte. Obviously, I could export individual tables but there were over three-hundred. And, opening the thing in a text editor and simply chopping it into pieces would have taken six hours or something…..it was over two-million lines of plain text!

A Google search, for something (I can’t even recall the terms, now), helped me find a small program called SQLDumpSplitter. The thing proved to be a lifesaver and worked flawlessly. I was using a 32-bit version of Windows XP, by the way. It’s an extremely simply, intuitive program that does just what the name implies – it splits large, sql dumps into smaller files.


I don’t wanna lost this darned thing…..so you, and I, can download it here.

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