Month: December 2011

Make a bootable ISO from the command line – long story

Uhm – this post is, well, almost not a post – it’s just some cryptic weirdness, at the moment. I’ll update it later. oscdimg -bC:\vistaDVD\boot\ -h -u2 -m -lVISTA_EN_DVD C:\vistaDVD\ E:\VistaDVD.iso Download oscdimg and put it in the Windows system path (copy to system32, schmaky…).

Why Desktop Linux sucks

In an incendiary tirade Bryan Lunduke, who absolutely hates open source and Linux (and his grandparents), rants fanatically about why we should all use Windows and details a plot to kill Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds (and, gramps and mee-ma). Yesiree Bob – this character’s a bona-fide whack job. Okay – not really. Just like …

Norah Jones, Live

Another damned Norah Jones tune….. This is just some filler text to help the navigational menu.

Installing FastCGI PHP on Windows Server 2008

The following links contain information which might be helpful in performing this installation – I’ve included them here for reference…… From the web: According to… …the FastCGI component enables popular application frameworks like PHP be hosted on the IIS web server in a high-performance and reliable way. Mike Volodarsky, a program manager …

IIS 7 – random notes….

Here’s a site which is designed to address issues relating to IIS: You might wanna look at this – for x64 installs: Number one: do not rename the default web site. Maybe I’m wrong, but this appears to be verboten with this version; just add new sites. I’m almost positive you can rename …


First: installing ISAPI PHP is not recommended by Microsoft. I prefer it to FastCGI, however, and this is how I went about installing PHP, MySQL (and WordPress) on IIS 7. I’ve just decided to include some incidental notes on WordPress as part of this page. NOTE: I had originally followed a tutorial I’d found on …

Christmas Music


SPF Record

Comcast static IP setup (multiple)

from the net: Configuring Static IPs on a Comcast SMC Router I have recently been working on configuring a business-class Comcast SMC router to make use of a group of 5 static IPs. The documentation I found was sparse, and I spent a few days figuring out how to do this. Turns out that it …

7800p x64 missing drivers – FINALLY solved

If you’re in rush, the drivers are near the bottom of this post. But first, my life story… Here’s a little note to myself, regarding an issue with this model: do not even try to install Windows 7 Ultimate on one of these damned things. It will install, but on reboot it will display the …