Month: February 2014

7z on Linux

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that 7zip is available for Centos and other Linux distributions. And it works just as it does on Windows. On Redhat-style distros you can get 7zip for Linux with the following: yum -y install p7zip It seems to me that I had to link /usr/bin/7za to /usr/local/bin7za (ln -s …

Stand alone video player

No big shakes, here…. But, sometimes I like to make an HTML file, for local use, with an embedded video. An older version of the jwplayer works fine for this, but, I always forget how to congfigure the darned thing. Here’s a zip file with an example…. That’s it. DOWNLOAD

James Files Confession, etc.

In 1996 James Files claimed that he and Charles ┬áNicoletti, a Mafia hit man, had been on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza and that they had both shot President Kennedy at the same time. Files said that he was paid $30,000 and had orders not to hit Jacqueline Kennedy. He added that Nicoletti took …

Bizarre object in skies over metro Denver

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and aviation experts are baffled by this strange object which has been seen (and photographed) flying – almost daily – over a congested, urban part of Denver, Colorado.

Some odd issues with Piwik and IIS 6

First, I’m using PHP 5.2.5 which is really pretty old. I had to grant read/write permission to the IUSR and to Users to get this thing to work – and it does not update, as of February 1st, 2014. It works with version 1.9. Also, I have a package which I use that says it …