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Streaming music

This is just an attempt to stream some music from a server…. I knew nothing about this, prior to a little experimentation. This link requires Winamp…. Listen to Crosby, Still, Nash & Young

Christmas Music

Through the miracle of technology, blah blah blah. I like to think of this music as borrowed, not stolen – and just for the holidays. Here’s a zip file with some great Christmas music – featuring Kenny G. and Micheal Bolton (the latter does a great, bluesy cover of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”). …

I dunno why…..

When the gunfire is too intense, just watch something completely silly and a little jazzy… And no web site would be really be complete without Diana Krall singing to Muppets…right?

Norah Jones, Live

Another damned Norah Jones tune….. This is just some filler text to help the navigational menu.

Earth Wind & Fire

Saw ’em live in about 1978… “Boogie Wonderland”

Charlie Pride – Live

“Kiss an Angel Good Morning”

Willie and Norah Jones, again…

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Willie and Norah Jones