Exchange/IIS & WordPress Mail Problems

NOTE: regarding the minor “bug in the rug” described below, I’m not smart enough to know if this whole thing is an issue with WordPress and IIS, or WordPress and Exchange. Anyway, I got it resolved, thusly:

I had some issues with WordPress and email using IIS and Exchange – email didn’t want to act right until I installed, and configured, the “Cimy Swift SMTP” plugin. And, even with that, a very cool contact form I’d found, which included CAPTCHA (something I liked) would not work. Configuration is simple, by the way. I eventually found an alternate contact form, called “Contact Form 7” which is quite nice but which lacks CAPTCHA – but it plays nice with IIS and Exchange. A Google search on this subject revealed that people buying GoDaddy Windows hosting had the same problem. The geniuses at GoDaddy are as incompetent as me! Actually, it’s just some sort of issue with WordPress and Windows Servers (that’s why God made Linux). Really, I was surprised at how well WordPress works on IIS and how relatively painless it was to get going. Anyway….

Since I always lose things, here are the plugins for download:
Contact Form 7
Cimy Swift SMTP

By the way, here’s the working contact form in action:

[contact-form-7 id=”308″ title=”Contact form 1″]

And, just for archival purposes, here’s a link to download the one with CAPTCHA – which works fine on Linux but which does is not functional an IIS & Exchange (unless I’m missing something…..):

Download Simple Contact Form

It won’t work on IIS, but other than that, this one’s really nice!

[si-contact-form form=’1′]

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