Outlook 2003, pop3 setup on local Exchange computer

First of all, this wouldn’t apply to a standard client using Outlook on a remote computer. If you’re installing Exchange and using Outlook on the same computer (or network, probably) you might need to know this……argh:

And all of this has to do with my complete lack of experience with the sort of “Groupware” setup provided by an MS server. Since everything is based around the Active Directory things are, well, different. I’ve never even used Zimbra, or, any other sort of similar setup on Unix. In retrospect the resolution to this issue should have been obvious.

Anyway….this was fairly stupid, I suppose, bit there was something that I was missing and I screwed with this for 30 minutes before I figured it out. By the way, setting up Outlook an a remote computer is completely straightforward, if you’ve ever used Outlook before – I’d set Outlook up at my house, last night, and it worked fine. The settings are just as you would expect. The problem running Outlook on the same box as my server was simple – but, as I’ve said, it took me awhile to figure it out. The username is NOT your full email address (as is typical anywhere else) – it’s, well, just your plain old username. Also, if you want to save emails on OWA make sure you go to the Advanced tab and click that option. Anyway, my setup on a local box looks like this:

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