Brought to you by a gasoline-powered generator

Just when ya’think crap in your life can’t get much worse, uhm, more bad shit happens. If you can see this web site – and I think you can – the server is a Dell Inspiron 5300, I’m wearing a flashlight attached to a headband to see what I’m doing, it’s about 97 degrees Fahrenheit in every room of my house except one, and everything is being powered by this friggin’ generator – not sure if this is so good for my “server”. This site will be online until I can no longer afford gas, I suppose. To make matters really bad, I live on $700 a month disability – I drove north 40 miles to buy this generator at WalMart, and it cost me $500.00. ARGH!

News article
Since I live in the “hood” (an old, crappy neighborhood) in Flint, Michigan and a falling tree took down two telephone poles it could still be days before power is restored. The local power company cut off the damaged lines, the same morning as the storm, and has never been back! I’ve never been able to deal with extreme heat and – of course – the same day all of this happened Flint got hit with an incredible heat wave. I have a 12-year old Chihuahua with a bad heart, I’m not that healthy, and we had to get some power (I have one window air conditioner). Contrary to the video report on this page the actual temperature was over 100 degrees for the next two days – I HAD to buy this damned generator. Oddly, the cable works….go figure. More pics to come, of my area.


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