Turn off the damned grid in Photoshop 7

This is a bit of knowledge that, I suppose, is known to almost all users of Photoshop 7 – but I keep forgetting it (over, and over, and over) and it is driving me friggin’ insane. I still use Adobe Photoshop 7 because I am a throwback to an earlier time – a quieter, simpler time when people were really dumb -and poor, too. Yep – I actually like Photoshop 7 because (1) I’m fairly stupid (it’s kinda easy to figure out), and, (2) I could actually afford a $79.00 copy on Amazon. So that’s what I use. Anyway, for reasons I cannot determine the grid keeps getting turned on (permanently) and I can never recall how to turn it off permanently. If I put the answer here, I can find it again (it happens a lot and I can never find the answer). It’ simply this:

That’s the Control Key, the plus key, and the single quote key (at the same time – DUH!).

All Photoshop 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

I wish I would have found this about 6 years ago – here’s a zipped version of a PDF file with ALL PHOTOSHOP 7 keyboard shortcuts……

Photoshop 7 keyboard Shortcuts – PDF format (zipped)

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