Bogus email about “Counter Trerorism”

And the title is not a typo – that’s actually how the damned thing was spelled! I got two of these emails, today, with .zip files attached. I may actually save the zip files and open them in something like XP, running in VMware, to watch my virtual installation of XP explode. You’d think that anyone who would take the time to write, and distribute a virus via email would take the time to spell more than 75% of the words correctly. Argh! I’m not really concerned that last year five in ten “emploeyes” flunked some test – this obviously isn’t for me, since I don’t have a job (this email isn’t genuinely for anybody). And if ya’ get this, and open the attachment, you shouldn’t have a job, either…….you’re too stupid. The attachment, by the way, is called “Fire Safety“.

Here’s the actual contents – geesh! At the very least it seems like they would have used some sort of spell checker. ACK!

“Dear Associates

It might be useful for you to know that we are having a joint event with Fire and Counter Trerorism Safety inclduing 4 written tests on Thursday. Last year five in ten emploeyes suvreyed could not pass the Fire Safety test. Each of you will find enclosed a Fire Instruction Notices and your role descrpition. Please take a look at the enclosed materials before April.

Kind regards,
Department of Human Resources”

Thanks for the heads up, “April” (or Achmed – or whatever the hell your real name is…). I’m on it, baby.

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