Tomorrow is trash day….

it’s Wednesday evening…and the blood is coursing hard, through my varicose veins.

So I Googled my own website – – and found some nifty site that anaylyzes your web site and tells you what’s good, and, what’s bad about your site. They give your site a numerical score, and mine wasn’t so hot (wow – this is like high school, all over again…..). One of the major complaints it had, about this site, is that I don’t add content often enough. Hey – I’m old and tired, already….OKAY???!! It seems like Google (and the rest of those guys) would take stuff like that into account. I mean, based on what I’ve read in the news they know everything there is to know about me, right? So, feelin’ the heat I racked my brain and this is all I could come up with on short notice (I have a very small life): tomorrow is trash day. That’s really the best I’ve got – maybe the garbage guys will strike and this will turn out to be an incredibly hot, blog topic. I dunno. Anyway, there’s always a lot of excitement, around my house, when the trash man is coming the following day. My Mexican wife screams, repeatedly, that I’d better take out the trash (she gets really excited). She gets so excited – and she’s so oblivious to her surroundings – that she usually screams for me to take it out hours after I’ve already taken it out (“I’ve told you three times, I DID!”). All of the stray dogs and cats, here in the hood, are jazzed out of their heads at the prospect of an incredible smorgasbord – it’s quite a day!

So here’s some new CONTENT, okay?!! And, to make this post a veritable multi-media extravaganza, I found a great pic of some folks who – like me – really like to make a damned party out of trash day… You can almost SMELL THE EXCITEMENT (ugh!). Anyway – you guys keep blogging – I’m gonna take out the trash and grab a nap…… Stay tuned – I’ll let everyone know how it all panned out.

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