Qmail Toaster on Centos 5.5 – automated install

I’m a compulsive computer tinkerer and enjoy building, and, running my own web and email servers. I run both Linux and Windows servers from various locations. Recently I assembled a Qmail Toaster package for Linux (Centos 5.5) which can be installed – almost 100 percent – via four simple shell scripts. It uses a couple of packages which are out-of-date, a bit, but the whole thing runs fine and installs easily. This installation includes John Simpson’s validrcppto patch, and all protocols (SMTP, pop3, and IMAP) are secured with SSL – so there’s no backscatter and everything is secure via SSL. The first three scripts require virtually no modification at all – script four needs to be edited so that the paths to the Apache web server are correct. The scripts start and stop, tell you what’s happening, ask you for input, etc. They really speed up the process of replicating – or building – my email server. I really did this for myself (I just wanted to get organized) – but I thought someone else might find it useful. You can also download the tarball and copy and paste the commands from the web – but simply running the scripts is a helluva lot less headache. You can download the tarball and check it all out at the link below – and I’ll probably add some further information to this page, soon:


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