IIS 7 – random notes….

Here’s a site which is designed to address issues relating to IIS: http://www.iis.net/

You might wanna look at this – for x64 installs:

Number one: do not rename the default web site. Maybe I’m wrong, but this appears to be verboten with this version; just add new sites. I’m almost positive you can rename the default site in IIS 6. And I’m not absolutely sure you can’t do it in IIS 7 – but my system went haywire when I did this. Maybe I did something wrong. For the time being, however, I am not going to do that again. Whoops.

Number two: New sites will not start, by default, until you go to the Advanced Settings in the Application pool and tell them to start…..argh. And – by the way – I do not understand application pools, at all. Apparrently one can be used for multiple sites but it’s unclear to me what the ramifications are of using the same one for, say, 2 or 3 sites.

Number three: The editor in WordPress seems to have problems in visual mode using IIS 7 – the “heading” function does not change the font size. Not a huge deal. but something of a “hink”. I don’t know about any other problems – that’s all I’ve found so far…. UPDATE: I found this plugin – which “jazzes up” the editor – and, after installation, everything was working.  I have a suspicion that the problem is/was a permissions thing…..

Number four: I’ve had some issues with WordPress if short tags are not enabled in php.ini.

Number five: The Hana FLV player is the only thing I can get to work in IIS 7 – in terms of flv files….weird. I prefer flowplayer, but no dice….. UPDATE! SOLVED: the theme must have the following in the footer.php file – and mine didn’t:



Number six: the mime-type I used for .flv in IIS 6 doesn’t work in IIS 7 – this is already instyalled by default: videox-flv

Related note: I like to have the Network icon on the Desktop, in Server 2008. Type the following at a command prompt and you’ll find the option:

control desk.cpl,,@web

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