Transmission on Scientific Linux 6.0

So I couldn’t get KTorrent to connect to Demonoid and became quite testy. And, just for the record, it’s apparently a Demonoid thing because torrents tracked elsewhere worked fine – I know that some of these tracker sites block certain bit torrent client programs (for reasons I do not understand). Anyway, in desperation I compiled an ancient version of Transmission (no GUI), surfed the net, and found that the following would work from a command line (choose a port number….any port number):

/usr/local/bin/transmissioncli -p 6882 CS1.torrent

Things are saved to the local folder, you can resume (although sometimes there will be a few lines of I/O error code as it starts to resume), and you need to use different port numbers for torrent downloads running simultaneously. By the way, the errors are apparently meaningless – I get ’em, but everything works (who knows?). I read virtually none of the documentation – we’re talkin’ ZERO, baby – and found the command I’ve mentioned on some web page. There are probably other options with this thing – I don’t know (and I don’t care…). Nothing fancy, but it worked fine for getting the job done. And there’s probably a newer version with more options, bug fixes, etc – but I had this archive laying around, so that’s what I used.

I’ve used this for quite awhile, now, and – though kinda primitive – it works fine. And you have to use different port numbers for torrents which are downloading simultaneously. Also, you have to kill the process to stop make a particular port available again (not just close a shell). That’s my story.

I used version 1.34 and simple, standard compile arguments (./configure, make, make install) – here it is, for download:

Transmission 1.34

It look like this, in action:

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