PHP upload script for php 5.3.5

This may work on older versions of PHP – but I’ve only tested it on PHP 5.3.5. This is a very simple upload script but, as a PHP moron, I had trouble putting this thing together. Man – I found a bunch of messed up PHP upload scripts that didn’t wanna work right while searching Google. I finally cobbled together a couple of scripts and jerked with the main portion of this – which did not work at all, as I think it was designed for PHP 4.x – until it finally worked. I can’t find a WordPress “code” plug-in that works worth a damn so I’m going to offer a tiny tarball for download which contains the files you need – even the css file for exactly what you see pictured, below. When I find a better code plug-in…well, I’ll post the code. This can be edited to allow for the uploading of various file types (the code is very self-explanatory – even if you’re no good with PHP). And chmod the php file to executable and the image upload directory to world writable. AND – password protect this thing, wherever you put it (obviously).
Download the script

Here’s what it looks like.

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