Files for ISAPI PHP on IIS 7

Alrighty, then…..this is a hastily written web page that’s not really ready for “prime time” (hell…it’s not really intended for prime time). This is just a collection of files (for download) that I don’t want to misplace…things I used, recently, when setting up WordPress on IIS 7. I’ll include more info, later – here’s part of what’s included in the .zip archive:

  • Two 64-bit versions of PHP (5.3.0 and 5.10, as I recall….). I’ve used version 5.10, and, have not tested the other….
  • A pre-edited php folder (version 5.10) and files ready for copy to C:\* (session, tmp, and php) and ready for copy to C:\WINDOWS (necessary .dll files for php_mysql, etc).
  • A zipped version of Phpmyadmin
  • Some batch files which worked on IIS 6 and Server 2003 – some work on Server 2008.
  • A folder with some shortcuts to various administrative tools
  • A MySQL 5.5 Windows binary package
  • Some bookmarks I’d saved..
  • Some other stuff……..!!!


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