Restoring default XP fonts


You can read this entire page…..BUT…. Recently I found a file, on the Microsoft site, which will restore Arial fonts on Windows XP when they’ve been buggered. It’s a much easier approach than what I’d originally written on this page. Simple run a small, executable file (which you can download, below) and you can skip my original directions – Arial fonts are fixed!


Old instructions….

Okay – this was a pain in the ass. So you’ve installed a bunch of fonts and you’ve managed to overwrite one or more of your stock XP fonts, and, things look like hell. Basically, this is what I did that worked for fixing things….when I’d done what I’ve just described!

  1. Put your XP disc in the optical drive (in this example, drive “D”)
  2. From a command prompt type: D: (do not type “cd”, as you’re changing drives, not directories….)
  3. If you wanna go insane, you can NOW type about 65 lines that like this (optionally, check out list item 5):
    expand D:\i386\arial.tt_ C:\arial.ttf
    The above will copy arial.ttf to C:\arial.ttf – make a folder and change the path if you want to save fonts, well, in a folder somewhere else (uhm…obviously).
  • Copy the extracted font(s) to C:\Windows\fonts. In my case, I kept getting a pop-up deal that said I had to, first, uninstall the existing font (before I could copy) – but, then, it seemed to copy anyway. Who knows….? In desperation you could mount the drive with Slax in read/write mode (as I recall, something like this: mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1) and copy and paste, baby. Maybe it’s the long way around, but it would work.
  • Okay – this could be a huge pain in the ass if you’ve got a bunch of fonts screwed up. I wrote a batch file that worked fine to extract these things and it could be edited to a different extraction path…Sample Batch File

    And to make it insanely simple, here are all of the stock fonts from an XP disc:

    Download Stock XP Fonts

    And, if you don’t know which font is screwed up here’s a list of all of the stock XP fonts – if you’re feeling industrious, add these to the batch file and just get ’em all. I was too tired, tonight:

    Stock XP font list

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