Why Desktop Linux sucks

In an incendiary tirade Bryan Lunduke, who absolutely hates open source and Linux (and his grandparents), rants fanatically about why we should all use Windows and details a plot to kill Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds (and, gramps and mee-ma). Yesiree Bob – this character’s a bona-fide whack job. Okay – not really. Just like me, he thinks Linux is swell. In this episode he just takes an honest look at the shortcomings of Linux, currently, as a Desktop computing environment – and, well, there’s plenty to talk about. Hope you brought a sandwich (this is about 35 minutes). Tech note: I tried to capture and crunch this audio on Scientific Linux, with Audacity, but I could never make it work……so I used Adobe Audtion on Server 2008 (note to Steve Ballmer: I don’t get it – I got my first “Power Shell”, free, with Redhat 7.3!). Anyway, it was quick, and, simple – and I’d never used Adobe Audition in my life (honest – and thank you, BitTorrent). I even did some fancy-shmancy music fade-ins/fade-outs. I feel like quite the “audio engineer”. I hate it when things are simple, and well, they just work. Not really…. Oh – and Adobe Inc.: the check is in the mail. Uhm….maybe Adobe is right about “those Linux people”. Wow – this Adobe shit is expensive.


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