May 22, 2022

In an incendiary tirade Bryan Lunduke, who absolutely hates open source and Linux (and his grandparents), rants fanatically about why we should all use Windows and details a plot to kill Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds (and, gramps and mee-ma). Yesiree Bob – this character’s a bona-fide whack job. Okay – not really. Just like me, he thinks Linux is swell. In this episode he just takes an honest look at the shortcomings of Linux, currently, as a Desktop computing environment – and, well, there’s plenty to talk about. Hope you brought a sandwich (this is about 35 minutes). Tech note: I tried to capture and crunch this audio on Scientific Linux, with Audacity, but I could never make it work……so I used Adobe Audtion on Server 2008 (note to Steve Ballmer: I don’t get it – I got my first “Power Shell”, free, with Redhat 7.3!). Anyway, it was quick, and, simple – and I’d never used Adobe Audition in my life (honest – and thank you, BitTorrent). I even did some fancy-shmancy music fade-ins/fade-outs. I feel like quite the “audio engineer”. I hate it when things are simple, and well, they just work. Not really…. Oh – and Adobe Inc.: the check is in the mail. Uhm….maybe Adobe is right about “those Linux people”. Wow – this Adobe shit is expensive.


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