Happy Cinqo de Mayo – your house is on fire (well…almost!)

WARNING: adult language (thanks to my step-kid). He…uhm..captured the moment from our other house, across the street, and he was inspired to make this riveting mini-documentary. At 6 AM on May 5th, 2009, some bum was banging on my front door screaming, “Get out, get out – you gotta get out!” – I was sound asleep. Thank God he was a bum with a cheezy cellphone and he’d already called the fire department. And thank God the fire department got there when when they did, or, I’d be living under a bridge. They were there within 3 minutes and used some newfangled devices, like giant lawn sprinklers, to save my uninsured house (just barely). Anyway, I walked out to the porch in my underwear that morning to have a full-blown anxiety attack. The vacant house next door had been torched – like so many others…. Since then they’ve burned two more, right behind me…. At least all of this got my step-kid’s creative juices flowing.


What wakes you up faster than a hot cup of joe - uhm...a house fire.
What wake you up faster than a hot cup of joe????

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