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Golf Tournament Helps “War Heroes” Work Through the Tough Times

And golf tournaments apparently help douche bags like Tim Poe, too (hey – they’ve got FREE BEER!). Timothy Poe is either clinically insane, or, the simply most shameless liar/user the free world has ever known. I’m of the opinion that it’s the latter and either way, a lot of people still wanna beat the shit out of this guy. IN OUR FIRST EPISODE: Tim writes another bad check from his “I’m a disabled, combat veteran” account to get a spot in a golf tournament with some real heroes. And, if Poe is plain old crazy, it seems a bit odd that – just as he did with America’s Got Talent – he had the clarity of mind to give this news affiliate a picture of Sgt. Norman Bone (a real combat hero) while claiming it’s a picture of himself. Unfortunately for Bone, the two actually bear a vague resemblance to one another. As the sympathetic announcer whispers, helping people like Poe through these “tough times” (post ear infection) is “a delicate process…..”. ARGH!


His girlfriend says she “doesn’t know what he went through over there”. Well, I know from experience: amoxocillan three times a day for 2 weeks is a journey to hell, baby.

Poe says war may be hell (hey, who knows?), but, lately, trailer park sucks

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All I’ve got is “wow”. The interviewer, fumbling for words and appearing uncomfortable, finally asks the 64-thousand dollar question: “I’m think I’m going to ask you kind of a broad question to start with….. Just kinda tell me…..what’s WRONG?“. Well, this is what ‘ol Guy Merritt thinks is wrong: I suspect that this asshole is just addicted to lying and sympathy (and free beer, etc.) and he knows that now he’d better act really, really crazy to keep people from killing him, literally. And – pardon my use of the vernacular – but what in the living fuck is wrong with his girlfriend…???!!! And I don’t believe you got those tattoos because you’re delusional, I think you got ’em because you’re a friggin’ pathological liar and you knew it would help convince other folks that your horse shit was the straight dope. Pass me the crack pipe, Tim.


UPDATE: Poe’s ex-wife speaks out


Following up yesterday’s report that America’s Got Talent’s contestant, Timothy Poe lied about his military service for sympathy. His wife tells the New York Post that she never heard him stutter. Plus, America’s Got Talent producers said they first learned only yesterday that Poe had been lying.

Poe’s ex-wife, Kelly Ballard, said she has never heard her former spouse stutter like he did on the show.

“There were no combat injuries,” said Ballard from her Texas home. “I think he developed a ‘feel sorry for me’ stutter.”

Also, Ballard claims that he was the lead singer in a band called Crawlspace, contrary to Tim’s claim that he never sang until his speech therapist suggested he use singing as therapy for his stutter.

ETA: Ballard tells AGT news

Ballard says she caught her husband cheating in 1991 and after that the relationship headed straight down hill. “I had him arrested in June 2002 for domestic violence. After that, he vanished to Minnesota. He didn’t help out with our son at all.”

She also claims Poe has lied about his education.

“The whole time I have known him, I have never known him to be enrolled in any college,” she tells us. “There is a possibility he may have an associates degree from before I met him. On his Facebook page he says he has a Masters degree in project management.”

Oh, and that bit about how he never sang before a speech patholigist suggested it to help with the brain injury?

B.S., she says: he was the lead singer of a band in Rochester, Minnesota for four years.

Tim Poe was a guest yesterday on You Served podcast. Tim’s interview begins at the 105 mark. He’s sticking to his story, claiming that the army never got the proper paperwork together. He backpedals when confronted by statements that are contrary to his claims, but admits that he embellished his story. Also he admits that he doesn’t have a purple heart or a bronze star.

Howard Stern responds, presumably on this Sirius talk show.

“You could be the most f***ed up liar on the planet, but you never lie about your military service,” said Stern. “It messes it up for every real veteran who comes back from the war. Now no one believes you…This lie is so wrong on so many levels…This really sickens me…What as this guy thinking, that he was never going to be discovered?”

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