Month: December 2011

Use 7-zip to zip a file with a batch file

7-Zip will work in conjunction with a batch file, on Windows, to zip a file automatically. Install the program and copy 7z.exe to the system32 directory. The syntax is this: 7z a myfile That’s it, kids. Note: I don’t really understand how 7-zip is different than other zip utilities, but, the archive which it …

Microsoft Updates will not work – resolved..

Hmmm – well, here’s something I’d never seen in about 15 years of horsing with this stuff. I formatted an old Dell computer and it would connect to Google but not to Microsoft updates. What was wrong…? Well – a bunch of things. First of all, with our new Comcast static IP the DNS server …


Earth Wind & Fire

Saw ’em live in about 1978… “Boogie Wonderland”

CALs explained

Client access licenses A Client Access License (CAL) is a kind of software license that legally permits client computers to connect to Microsoft server software. They usually come in the form of a certificate of authenticity (CoA) and a license key, which is sometimes attached to the certificate itself. The various editions of most of …

Exchange Service Pack – determining what’s installed

I’ve read conflicting directions for how this is determined. This is how I found it…

DOS commands

I know very little about DOS – here are some random notes. “Touch” command equivalent: copy nul dns_cache.db > dns_cache.db

Charlie Pride – Live

“Kiss an Angel Good Morning”

Microsoft server platforms – much ado about, well, quite a bit…

I should begin by saying that I have always run Linux servers because (1) I’m just a tinkerer, and (2) I’m fairly poor. And I’m still crazy about Linux – but I’m a realist and I recognize it’s limitations. Suffice it to say, I was extremely surprised by how easy it was to configure IIS …

HTML Museums

Well…this just kind of a test of indexing….long story. PHP for Windows (mostly thread-safe versions) MySQL for Windows OScommerce PrestaShop OpenCart Magento Nexgen Plugin Openssl Piwik